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The laundry care specialist
ISO 9001
management system
ISO 14001
management system
SA 8000
Social accountability
Alphaitalia is a leading global producer and marketer of oven mitts and laundry care  
items as ironing boards, ironing board covers, dryers,  baskets and ironing accessories.  
Our products are sold  in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Our company was established  in Italy in 1980 and has become one of the top oven  
mitts and ironing board covers producer in Europe. Since then, we have developed a  
full range of ironing products making easier the every day duties  to millions of people  
everywhere in the world.

At our Casalmaggiore (Italy) facilities we manufacture  oven mitts and ironing board  
covers and assemble ironing boards and laundry care items. Our design and production  
team keeps our products at the highest level of style and quality.

Our long  experience has been transmitted  two production locations in  China and  
Turkey where we produce ironing boards, dryers, baskets and accessories, with the  
same attention to the quality and the same skill for the design of our italian  

Our branches in France, Spain and  Hong Kong ensure that advanced  quality control  
and logistic support are continuously available and effective for  

Our company has achieved and maintains the following certifications:
- ISO 9001 (quality management certification)
- ISO 14001 (environmental management certification)
- SA8000 (social accauntability certification)